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Kristian Woods 

Music instruction Portland |

Kristian woods and conductor Owen Hofman-Smith during the musical production of Hairspray. in Portland and music instruction Portland.  

"I highly recommend this product, and the gentleman that makes them has made one that fits my flugelhorn. I have a third unit for my cornet as well. I think this is a quality product that deserves recognition. I have made a personal connection with the inventor of this device. Great product." in portland | Music instruction in portland and music instruction by Kristian woods.  

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Kristian woods is a professional trumpet player. His musical experiences include, but are not limited to the following: U.C. San Diego Big Band, Mt. Hood Community College Big Band, San Diego City College Big Band, Joe Marcinkiewicz Big Band, New Horizon Big Band and the Thara Memory Big Band, too. Woods has played over 300 shows with the  Fabulous Mar Dels. Woods has also played on 100's of performances with the Norman Sylvester Band. Kristian Woods has Played and recorded with Grammy nominated Patrick Lamb, and Merle Haggard's saxophonist: Renato Caranto. Kristian Woods can read, as well as write music for wind instruments. He can be reached through the contact page of this website. 

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